PATYKA Cleansing Oil: An Oily Skin Girl’s Dream

patyka cleansing oil

As a girl who constantly battles the breakouts, I’m always researching new ways to keep my skin clear. Want to know the remedy that has beauty lovers raving all over the web? Cleansing oils! It seems absurd, right? Why would you use oil on oily skin? But, after all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try by using PATYKA Cleansing Oil

PATYKA Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil is part of the French luxury skincare company’s Biokaliftin line. Simply massage the oil into your skin (there’s even a how-to in the box) to remove all traces of makeup and impurities. I loved the moisturized, supple texture of my skin immediately using the oil. While I was hesitant to use oil on my face, I’m happy to say that I never broke out!

PATYKA cleansing oil is 100% natural and made up of several different precious oil extracts to cleanse, restructure and preserve the skin. Hazelnut oil regulates excess sebum, tightens pores, and helps eliminate blackheads, while apricot kernel oil extract gently cleanses. There’s also a dash of rose hip oil to revitalize skin cells and enhance the production of collagen and elastin. Plus, there are a slew of other skin-saving oils! The ingredient list was pretty impressive as every oil has a true purpose, and I felt confident about using this product on my oily, acne-prone skin.

While I washed with a gentle cleanser after the oil, it is meant to be used with PATYKA Delicate Cleansing Foam and Smoothing Revitalizing Toner. Still, I saw great results and loved how healthy my skin felt!

If you’ve been nervous about using a cleansing oil, don’t be! Use PATYKA Remarquable Cleansing Oil for a pleasant (and luxurious) surprise!

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