Ragged Nail Rx: Probelle Touch N Grow Nail Hardener

Probelle Touch ‘N Go Nail Hardener

Probelle Touch N’ Grow Nail Hardener duo strengthens and rebuilds damaged nails into strong and healthy nails, enhancing your nails’ natural growth and appearance.

Every day, from morning to night, we make decisions to be healthy. We drink vegetable juice for a nutritional energy boost in the A.M. We read the healthiest headlines on our feedlys throughout the day, and cook organically for dinner after a killer workout or invigorating yoga practice. Sometimes, health maintenance can be an onerous process.

On the quest to keep our bodies and minds healthy and strong, nourishing our nails doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Nail strengthening can actually be easy and effortless during this pursuit of healthy living and being beautiful. Probelle’s Touch N’ Grow Nail Hardening duo simplifies your beauty regimen with professional nail repair and maintenance. Two unique formulas. A two-step treatment. Long-term healthy, strong and beautiful nails.

What is it?

As part of my commitment to health and fitness, I work out at a CrossFit gym. Using the barbell for clean and jerks and hitting the ground with burpees can shape a fit physique, but destroy nails. Building and maintaining a strong body is important, and growing strong nails is no different. My nails just need a little assistance. So, alongside Burt’s Bees moisturizing hand salve, Isagenix protein shakes and smooth Epic Blend lip balms, Probelle Touch N’ Grow treatment has become a part of my health and beauty routine.

The Probelle nail hardening combo cures damaged nails and prevents dry and unhealthy nails from cracking or splitting. In weeks, the Touch N’ Grow treats nails and nurtures healthy natural growth. The restorative nail treatment forms a protective barrier on the nails, which helps thin nails from breaking. Touch N’ Grow PLUS nail hardener, specially formulated with garlic and lime, goes beyond nail hardening and growth to protect nails from fungus and restore whiteness. And ladies, bacterial growth and nail discoloration is something to not take lightly.

How does it work?

First apply the Touch N’ Grow Nail Hardener (Formula 1) on a daily basis to stop split nails from peeling or cracking. If you’re loyal to your manis, use the nail hardener as a base coat until nails get stronger and healthier. By weeks two to four, you can continue treatment with Touch N’ Grow PLUS Nail Hardener (Formula 2) enriched with garlic and lime for fungus protection and whitening. You don’t need to apply any more than a thin coat on a daily basis to dramatically make over your nails and achieve results.

The results?

Nails are no longer a casualty of CrossFit, or even, a victim of blatant neglect. The treatment formulas first remedy nails and then maintain nails’ natural growth and strength. After your nails have reached their healthiest state, the Probelle line of nail lacquer can make nails pop with a trendy hot hue. My nails are now healthy, strong and shiny; it’s time to show them off this season. And since it’s fall, I turn into a walking seasonal cliche. Yes, I want pumpkin-flavored (and colored) everything. Probelle Oranjado nail lacquer is the perfect harvest color for celebrating autumn—and my beautiful, new, healthy, strong and non-shameful nails.

Get the Probelle Touch N’ Grow duo for $28 (or $14 individually) at pro-belle.com.

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