Raise a Glass: Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Fragrances

Kelly & Jones Wine Perfume

I can imagine few things more peaceful than meandering through a vineyard (Picture the movie “A Walk in the Clouds,” only with less Keanu, which is sad). The aroma from the growing grapes is invigorating. Kelly & Jones has created a scent story that bottles the intoxicating scent of wine without the actual intoxication. You don’t have to be 21 to enjoy this fine fragrance. Read or skip to the bottom for an exclusive discount on Kelly & Jones exquisite fragrances!

Bottled in chic “Sommelier Sprays” or “Wine Country Rollettes,” Kelly & Jones fragrances whisper notes of Cabernet, Riesling, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and surround you in delicious bouquets of scent. This unique approach to fragrance is the idea of Kelly, the brains and nose behind Kelly & Jones. We first met Kelly when she owned a fragrance bar in Tucson, AZ (and we miss her terribly now that she’s in the big apple!).

The story behind the line is that while sipping Chardonnay in a wine country tasting room, Kelly’s vanilla perfume wafted from her skin and mingled with the other aromas filling the room. Quickly realizing that it’s taboo to wear a fragrance while wine tasting (thanks to the winemaker inquiring as to who would be so bold to wear perfume while wine tasting), Kelly knew she was on to something. Armed with five bottles of wine from red to white, Kelly sniffed, sipped and whiffed until she blended perfumes that captured the notes of each of the varietals. The final blends are a delightful new concept in fine fragrance – scents that enhance the nuances of both wine and perfume.

Wine-scented perfume is this Spa Girl’s dream come true. Combining two of my favorite things, vino and tantalizing aromas, I knew I would love it. I boldly sprayed the #1 Notes of Sauvignon Blanc on to my skin and immediately took in the crisp lightness of the scent. The light spray holds hints of green apple and the actual aroma of wine. While wearing this scent I noticed it had staying power. I would find myself catching whiffs of the floral and fruity notes throughout the day. Constantly being reminded that I was wearing a chic new scent made me smile. While in a spa (go figure), I had three separate women stop me to ask what fragrance I was wearing. After I shared my little secret with them, they were all blown away. We all had a great laugh and then they demanded to know where to buy it.

Kelly & Jones believes their fragrances are a “sensorial” and experiential approach to appreciating both wine and perfume — two of the oldest known pleasures known to womankind. We agree!

We recommend starting with the Sample Flight so you can whet your palate and sniff out your fave ($20). Sommelier Sprays are $84 and Wine Country Rollettes are $34 and make an amazing gift for the wine connoisseur in your life. Oh, and we just got wind that Kelly & Jones was selected to be in the NY Fashion Week gift bags. You go Kelly!

You can purchase the entire line of Kelly & Jones fragrances at kellyandjones.com.

SECRET SPA GIRLS SAVINGS: Use code “azspagirls” for 20% off your order through Sept. 13, 2012. Cheers!

Kelly & Jones Fragrance Collection

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