Say Hello to Three Whishes Lavender Body Wash

Arizona-born and bred Whish Body is at it at again – cranking out new bath products for us to oooh and aaah over and making us rearrange our shower shelves to make room for a new player.

First, we bid adieu to shaving foams that smelled like burnt melon and manly spices after trying their delish and oh-so feminine shave creams. Then we waved “So long!” to post-shave bump balms after we met their ingrown hair serum. “Ciao baby!” we said to our boring old body lotion after we slathered on their luscious body butters.

And now we’re giving an enthusiast “Hello sweet thing!” to their new Three Whishes Lavender Body Wash ($22). Organic aloe, shea butter and raspberry butter are the heavy hitters to hydrate skin while organic marigold and cucumber soothe any inflammation or redness. Wheat, corn and sugar team up to create a gentle, silky lather that makes us forget that it contains zero sulfates.

But it’s the scent that seals the deal. This is a lavender-laced body wash that won’t put you to sleep. The vibrant aroma has overtones of the calming lavender we love, which are balanced by a lively boost of floral and fruity undertones.

Whish products are free of parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals and contain natural and organic ingredients.

We’re still waiting for that sexy razor to go with our polka dotted shave brush. Until then, we’ll look forward to whatever you’ve got up your sleeves next Whishies!

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