Shave Rave from Whish Body

Whish Shaving Brush

Shaving is about as much fun as brushing your teeth. I take that back. Shaving has the added excitement of wielding a sharp instrument across your skin without drawing blood, which I do … everyday, same ankle, same dang spot. That’s why I’m positively giddy over the new Whish Body line of luxurious, spa quality shaving creams and accessories.

Laced with natural oils and essences of heavenly aromas like pomegranate and lemongrass, the Shave Crave creams are applied with feminine, handmade body brushes available in your choice of Swarovski crystals. What’s more, Whish was born right here in our own Arizona backyard. The art of shaving may be part of a man’s world but I’m betting that any girly girl on your list would love to find Whish under the Christmas tree this year.

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Photo: Pink Crystal Demi Body Brush from Whish, $95.