Skincare for Every Age: Great Skin in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

When it comes to your skin, getting ahead of yourself (or just getting confused!) is easy to do. The beauty aisles are jam-packed with products containing beneficial ingredients like antioxidants, retinoids, peptides and acids, and you might think you need to be using all of them – right now. All in due time Spa Girls! Skincare concerns change throughout the decades, and what you need in your 20s might not be the same as what you need in your 40s. Here’s how to pace yourself through the decades.

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Skincare in Your 20s

Your twenties are all about prevention and health. Taking good care of your skin now will greatly benefit you down the road.


  • Listen to your mother. Get enough sleep, eat well, don’t smoke (ever) and use products that are gentle and keep your skin healthy and balanced.
  • Keep it simple. Typically, your skin is plump and healthy in your twenties and doesn’t require a slew of products to achieve a natural glow.
  • Get in the SPF habit. It’s never too early to be proactive about taking care of your skin. Preventative care and developing healthy skin care habits early on makes a big difference later in life. Find a daily SPF moisturizer that works for your skin type and use it daily.
  • Tread lightly. Unless you need stronger products for acne-prone skin, go with gentler products that keep skin healthy and don’t strip natural moisture. Avoid anything too abrasive.

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Skincare in Your 30s

In your 30s, the production of collagen and elastin starts to slow and the effects of genetics and environmental factors such as sun exposure start to creep onto your face.


  • Up your “Anti’s.” Replace the skin-sabotaging bad habits with good ones, like wearing an antioxidant-enriched SPF every single day, eating and drinking antioxidant-rich foods.
  • Wear your vitamins. Your best bets are products with retinol (active vitamin A) and vitamin C to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Feed your face. Add an extra umph to your skincare routine by eating retinol (anti-wrinkle super ingredient!) rich foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, butternut squash and spices like paprika, red pepper cayenne and chili powder.

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Skincare in Your 40s and Beyond

Skincare in your 40s and beyond should focus on repairing past damage, slowing the signs of aging and preventing further damage. Once we hit our 40s, the rate at which the skin renews and repairs itself becomes much slower, so your skin begins to show signs of aging at a faster pace. In addition to common signs of aging, women are also forced to face their skin sins of the past. Remember those sunny beach days in your teens? They are now starting to show up on your face as sun spots and hyperpigmentation. All is not lost! It is simply time to boost skincare regimen with anti-aging products that will help restore your natural radiance.


  • Keep it up. Never stop preventing skin damage. Just because you have a few sun spots or lines on your face does not mean you can’t prevent new ones from forming. Keep on top of your preventative routines including daily use of a hydrating sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF and a night cream that deeply moisturizers while you sleep
  • Brighten up. When it comes to treating the damage you already have, look for products that have brightening qualities. These products fade the dark spots you already have, even out the skin tone and give you that natural glow your skin once had.

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