Soap and Glory: Good Clean Pun

Nothing draws me in like pretty pink packaging and with the genius of Marcia Kilgore behind it, this stuff has gotta be good. New from the brains and brawn behind Bliss Spas and the Bliss product line, Soap & Glory is a new reasonably priced collection of body and body creams, soaps, gels and balms served with a side of good clean puns. Clean on Me is a creamy clarifying shower gel, The Scrub of Your Life is rose-laced body scrub, The Righteous Butter is a super thick shea and aloe lotion for parched skin and Sexy Mother Pucker (now how cute is that?) is a plumping lip gloss. And every bottle and jar is slapped with some sassy nugget of enlightenment that can’t help but make you smile. Look for it in select Target stores and online on after Nov. 30. Products range from $2.99 to $29.99. Photo: The Righteous Brother, $14.99.