Isn’t it Romantic: Galentine’s Day Gifts of Beauty

Treat yourself to these Valentine’s Day gifts of beauty. Ladies, sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands. Case in point, Valentine’s Day. It’s not always what is cracked up to be, am I right? Take control and grab this mushy overly marketed day by the … um, family jewels … and make […]

All that Glitters

gold beauty finds

Shimmer and shine with these gold beauty finds! They say it came from outer space. Apparently a colossal meteor shower some four billion years ago deposited the precious stash of gold we now have on earth today. Whether it came from space or not, what we know for sure is that gold calls to some deeply innate […]

Nail It: Match Your Mani to Your Spring Getaway

spring nail colors

Our favorite spring nail colors for your next weekend away with the girls. You know what they say: “You can tell a lot about a girl by her nail polish color.” OK, maybe not, but for many chicas, manis and pedis are as big of deals as shoes and purses, especially on vacation. Embellish your […]

Spoiled Little Rich Girl Hands from The Lippmann Collection

Lippmann Poor RIch Girl

We get it. Use a daily sunscreen on our faces to ward off the physical marks of aging. Get it, got it, do it. But what about our poor hands? They wave, they scour, they pluck, they caress. Who’s looking out for them? Celebrity manicurist and nail trend-setter Deborah Lippmann, that’s who. Her Rich Girl […]