Five Things You Don't Know About Me

About a month ago, I was tagged by the lovely blog mistress of Ageless in Los Angeles to reveal five insightful things about myself. Because I’m a brooding cancer of the worse kind, it took me this long to ponder, pout and consult my therapist (I kid) before I could narrow it down to five things. So here goes:

1. I’m a hopeless, hapless animal lover. I once wrote a story about how to adopt a rescued pet and had to visit a local animal shelter. After meeting Lefty (a dog kicked so hard that he lost his left eye), I started crying so violently that I had to be escorted out of the facility. The interviewee had to help me wash the snot and tears off before I was allowed to reenter the adjoining sterile veterinary clinic. It’s the same place, by the way, where we adopted our adorable Sophie dog, sister to 16-year-old George the Jack Russell Terrier (who is blind as a bat, has a bad case of warts and is as cute as ever) and Jakob the drooling cat.

2. I have a crush on my yoga teacher. I say that only in jest because I’m such a yogi-wanna-be that every good instructor I’ve ever had has made a lasting impression on me — man or woman. Although I do have to admit that I had a recent substitute for my regular Sunday class named Bear (of who made me glad I remembered to wear deodorant. Good gracious he was hot.

3. I actually believe my own message. When I started some five years ago, I was a cranky, cynical tech writer who walked around grumbling about how people never read directions. I didn’t think the spa thing was all that until some girlfriends and I spent a day at the Centre for Well-Being at the Phoenician in Scottsdale. It was a real eye-opener, especially after a guided group meditation. My girlfriends witnessed the most beautiful things on their “trips” … golden orbs and powerful bears. Me? I saw a Hobbit-like decrepit old man with a wooden cane. I knew something had to change and after all the trials and tribulations of running this business, change came in the form of understanding that the spa experience is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. Not just a pricey treatment at a spa (although those are good occasionally too). I believe it. Can I get a hallelujah?

4. My dream is to become a published book author. After two literary agents, three years and a boatload of disappointment, I was chewed up and spit out of the publishing process with a stack of rejection letters. Darn near broke me. But I won’t give up. Lest I end up some decrepit little old man with a twisted cane.

5. I’m one happy puppy. As grumpy and as tired as I get running around in all the hats that I wear, I’m one lucky girl. I have a super-supportive husband who doesn’t mind that I have a thing for long-haired yoga instructors. My dad recently overcame a serious bout with cancer. After 10 years of mourning the loss of my mother to suicide, I finally can talk about it without bursting into tears. I have a beautiful new niece to coddle and coo over. I have wonderful friends and extended family including the coolest three sister-in-laws an only-child could ask for. And I finally feel that I have a purpose in life. I wish that all for you and more.

Photo: Me (before I understood the power of the eyebrow wax) and George (before the mysterious appearance of the face wart).

Okay, enough about me. I’m tagging you, Ms. Beauty Brains!