Holiday 2011: Germs, Cake Balls and Other Spa Girl Musings

Some holidays are better than others. I'm not gonna lie. This year was particularly challenging given some medical complications that occurred with a close family member. Suffice it to say, the Spa Boy and I spent a significant slice of our holidays in the hospital and while the prognosis is good, we have many more […]

Splendid Dirt, Leftovers and Other Holiday Musings

Musings from holidays past… If there’s one thing I love about the holidays – besides my sis-in-law Tina’s delectable Christmas cookies – is the conversations that unfold around the dinner table or during those long treks to and fro holiday shindigs. Spa Boy and I spent the week of Christmas in Colorado with his family. […]

All I Want for Christmas is Some Peace and Sanity

Dear Santa, My life is a mess. My office looks like Mother Nature had a raging party and Tornado Tequila passed out in the corner while Hurricane Harry did the tango on my desktop. My bathroom vanity looks the back room of a dive salon. My kitchen is awash in junk mail, bills and piles […]

Spooky SpaGirl Costume

I woke up in a bit of a tizzy this morning. See, I have this Halloween shindig tonight and haven’t had time to throw together a costume. I could still pull off my plan to be a peace-loving hippie (a real stretch for me as my friends know) but I would need to run around […]

Summer Spaaah Wins AzTEC Event of the Year Award!

I’m tickled pink to share the exciting news that the Summer Spaaah Series was awarded Event of the Year for Events Under 20,000 Participants by the International Festivals and Events Association-endorsed APS AzTEC Awards! The AzTEC competition (AzTEC is short for Arizona Talent in Event Concepts) recognizes outstanding examples of festival and event production and […]

Born on a Better Day: The Wei of Olay

For those of you who dabble in astrology, you must read “Born on a Rotten Day,” by Hazel Dixen-Cooper. It’s a romp into the dark and ugly side of your astrological sign. It’s hysterical, sharp and brutally insightful. I’m a cancer. A loving, kind and gentle creature with a soft center and a warm heart. […]

Big Butts and Other Sad Truths

So here’s a funny story. One that only a woman could truly appreciate. About a month ago, my dear husband of nearly 8 years (who will not be playing the role of Spa Boy for this particular story) lost his marbles. We were at a local Mexican restaurant, owned oddly enough by a Lebanese family, […]

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

About a month ago, I was tagged by the lovely blog mistress of Ageless in Los Angeles to reveal five insightful things about myself. Because I’m a brooding cancer of the worse kind, it took me this long to ponder, pout and consult my therapist (I kid) before I could narrow it down to five […]

A Love Letter to the Spa Boy

Dear Spa Boy, The thought may have occurred to you (or not) that today is one of those dreaded days of forced external signs of affection. But don’t panic. I for one am here to tell you that not all us chicks are in it for the flowers, the candy or the frilly lingerie (although […]