Spooky SpaGirl Costume

I woke up in a bit of a tizzy this morning. See, I have this Halloween shindig tonight and haven’t had time to throw together a costume. I could still pull off my plan to be a peace-loving hippie (a real stretch for me as my friends know) but I would need to run around town for a few last things to pull it off. Honestly, what self-respecting hippie shows up at a party without a “Make Love, Not War” sign and I’m out of poster board. But then, as I was scuffling around my pink fuzzy slippers this morning, a flash of brilliance struck me. I could be a spa girl! How awesome would it be to hang out in my spa robe and slippers all night? I could even get in a few spa treatments for a double whammy of effect and effectiveness. So here’s my ensemble and props, all from my closet and bathroom vanity. I would highly encourage you to give this Halloween costume a shot. You’ll be the envy of your friends.

  • One pink spa robe (my favorite from the Four Seasons Spa).
  • One pair of Sensi sandals (flip-flops would work too.
  • One Cris Notti sleep mask as a hair band (you could also use a hair turban, towel or headband like the ones at ebubbles.com).
  • One cucumber (thin slices cut in half for under the eyes).
  • One pair of Bliss Glamour Gloves (you could use hand mitts or clear plastic bags).
  • Two sets of facial masks. I think I’ll put on a French green clay mask on in the car before I go in, rinse after a few a drinks and then put on a hydrating mask. This gives me a chance to try my new Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque from Eminence Organics. Brilliant!

Finally, I think I’ll load up with other spa accessories I’ve collected over the year like hand massagers, neck wraps and nail buffers. Have yourself a happy, blissful Halloween! Photo: The fabulous, fashionable sleep masks from Cris Notti, $20-$25.