Splendid Dirt, Leftovers and Other Holiday Musings

Musings from holidays past…

If there’s one thing I love about the holidays – besides my sis-in-law Tina’s delectable Christmas cookies – is the conversations that unfold around the dinner table or during those long treks to and fro holiday shindigs.

Spa Boy and I spent the week of Christmas in Colorado with his family. One evening, over steaming bowls of his (almost) famous cheese-infused turkey chili, we were tossing around the subject of leftovers. Mind you, I’m surrounded by Spa Boy’s immediate family – his mom, sister, two brothers, our two sisters-in-law and our darling little niece.

Girl,” says Spa Boy with a slight twang, “You never eat leftovers.”

First of all – “Girl?” Under normal, non-holiday circumstances, Spa Boy calls me Sunny and only when I’m in serious trouble does he use my proper name, Lisa. I haven’t been addressed as “Girl” since high school when on my first day as the new kid, I accidentally bumped into a classmate and got a welcoming, “Girl, you betta watch yourself.”

I took a slow sip of my micro ale (Did you know Colorado boasts more microbreweries per capita than any other state? And I’ll bet five bucks they also have more hot boots per capita too. The Fort Collins DSW alone made me move Spa Girls Colorado up a few notches on my Will-Do list. Now back to our story.) and fired back, “I do TOO eat leftovers. Giiirl. I eat them on your man-date nights or I re-purpose them in other meals. Gaaah. Giiiiirl.”

The tense moment of silence was broken by Tina’s, “Yeah. Giiirl.” (Love her.)

Okay, so maybe I got a teeny bit defensive. And maybe sometimes by the third night of eating leftovers, I might let a little slip down the garbage disposable. I vow never to waste food again. But one thing’s for sure. “Girl” stuck. We referred to each other as “Girls” (said, of course, with an exaggerated Southern drawl) for the remainder of the week.

Which brings me to another thing that stuck with me after this holiday season: FarmHouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Nutrient-Rich Mud Mask.

Girl, this is good stuff. And don’t count on any leftovers.

The smell is what first gets you. Think pumpkin pie spice whipped into a velvety orange pudding. Active yogurt, clay and organic pumpkin enzymes team up to boost radiance, minimize pores and “de-gunk” skin. The creamy mask has a slight tingle when you first apply it and then it tightens up as the clay dries. I used a washcloth to gently remove it and was floored by how radiant and smooth my skin was. Seriously.

You can find Splendid Dirt ($20) at farmhousefreshgoods.com or at FarmHouse Fresh retailers throughout Arizona and beyond. For a really sweet treat, add the Whoopie! Cream ($30) to your order. Think velvety shea body lotion disguised as butter cream frosting.

Wishing you and yours a delightful 2011 filled with stimulating conversations, love, funny memories and good hair days galore!