Show Us the Love: 5 Valentine's Day Gifts We Really Want

Dear Boyfriend, Fiance, Hubby, Future Mr. Wonderful and/or Super Significant Other,

This year for Valentine’s Day, I don’t want candy. Or a stuffed teddy bear with a protruding heart. And, let’s be honest, that lacy contraption with zippers in all the wrong places is a gift for you, not me.

So, listen up and take notes. Here’s what I really want for Valentine’s Day.

Your Always Thankful, Never (too) Demanding Spa Girl

A Blow Me Away Bouquet of Blowouts from Drybar, $155-$415
Admittedly, we are obsessed with the super-cute packaging of the DryBar gift coasters. But it’s also a really great gift idea because it’s the type that keeps on giving, which means you’ll get brownie points every time we make an appointment. More on Drybar.

The Full Kit-and-Caboodle Spa Deluxe Set from LATHER, $125
Forget the wimpy mini kits that so many retailers are pushing these days, the spa deluxe combo from LATHER is the real deal. It’s full of pampering products to soothe the mind, body and soul. Plus, we’ll feel awesome, which is always a nice bonus for you!

The Best Hairbrush of All Time from Mason Pearson, $170
We know dropping $170 on a hairbrush seems crazy, but remember that one time you spent nearly twice that much on a gadget that’s the size of our pinky finger? And remember how we didn’t say anything? Yeah, exactly.

A Candle from Frederic Malle That’ll Knock Your Spa Socks Off, $140
The next time you’re in Barneys (shopping for us), just pick up this candle and tell us you don’t want it! The fresh gardenia scent is enough to wash away a day’s worth of stress in seconds. More on More on Frederic Malle.

The More than Just a Bottle of Perfume, Whole Philosophy Amazing Grace Sha-Bang, $80
How sweet the sound of a quiet and happy Spa Girl. We love the clean floral scent of this beauty kit because it makes us feel pretty and feminine. You’ll love it for the same reason.

Oh, and of course, you could always send us to the spa! Find spas here or check out these spa deals (it’s now how much you pay, it’s the thought!).

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