Smokin’ Hot Beauty Trend: Charcoal


Fire up your beauty routine with a dose of charcoal. Charcoal is hot. And we’re not talking about grills and barbecues. We’re talking beauty and cleansing products that dig deep to detoxify and balance your complexion. While it may seem the most unlikely ingredient for a deep clean, natural charcoal purifies skin by drawing out and […]

Summer Skin Survival: 4 Things You Need

Save your skin and soothe your spirit with these summer skincare picks. Oh gourd, another summer of sweaty britches, patchy itches and precipitous breakouts. Gear up girlfriends! It’s going to be a long, hot summer and your best defense is an arsenal of soothing salves. From scalp to tootsies, we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need […]

Erno Laszlo Blue Firmarine Night Cream: Supercharged Luxury

Erno Laszlo Blue Firmarine Night Cream

After struggling with a severe acne attack for several months, I headed to the dermatologist for some super strength topicals. But while my skin has cleared up, the acne-fighting meds have dulled my complexion. Thankfully, Erno Laszlo Blue Firmarine Night Cream has been able to restore a healthy glow in just several uses. The Firmarine […]

Raising the Bar: Laszlo Blue Firmarine Treatment Bar

Life is a crazy wild ride, isn’t it? Take yesterday for example. In between deadlines and emergency laundry (spa boy was out of clean underwear, gasp!), I hustled into the local auto spa for an oil change. When the mechanic lifted my hood, not only did we discover a rodent apartment complex but sadly, one […]

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