Total Reboot: New Year Beauty Duty

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Out with the old, in with the pretty. Make room for the season’s best and brightest beauty loot by tossing those things that didn’t work, didn’t flatter your complexion or are just plain suspect. Here’s what to pitch and what to poach. Unidentified mascaras The simple rule of mascara is that when in doubt, toss […]

7 New Green Nail Polishes for Spring (That Aren’t Gross!)

green nail polish

Hot right now: Green nail polishes! Green nail polish might at first sound kind of, well … eww-ish. But we’re not talking split pea soup here. We’re talking fresh mints, vibrant limes and calming shades of jade and seafoam. Okay, so maybe green nails aren't for everyone, but as a highly respected local salon mogul told me recently, after […]

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