Best New Beauty Finds Under $25

New and innovative beauty finds now at a drugstore near you! Think that luxe, effective beauty products have to cost a pretty? Let’s bust that myth right now! We took a spin to our local drug and mass market stores and found some cool new stuff. And the best part? These innovative new beauty finds […]

Spa and Salon Trends: Do Try this at Home!

Top spa and salon trends and how to recreate them at home. Salons and spas are fertile ground for nurturing new beauty fads. It’s when a fad gains trend status that the good stuff happens, and the beauty gods go to work crafting new products to help you create the looks at home. Here are […]

7 New Green Nail Polishes for Spring (That Aren’t Gross!)

green nail polish

Hot right now: Green nail polishes! Green nail polish might at first sound kind of, well … eww-ish. But we’re not talking split pea soup here. We’re talking fresh mints, vibrant limes and calming shades of jade and seafoam. Okay, so maybe green nails aren't for everyone, but as a highly respected local salon mogul told me recently, after […]

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest

sally hansen i heart nail art contest

Are you a nail art junkie? Us too! Nail art is hot, hot, hot and your evolving talent for painting your fingertips with bold stripes, cheeky polka dots and eclectic looks galore shall not go unnoticed thanks to Sally Hansen! Already in full swing, the Sally Hansen "I Heart Nail Art" Contest rewards one talented home nail artist per month with […]