Tangerine Tango: Fresh Squeezed Summer Color

Tangerine Tango

Tangerine is not just a delicious and healthy fruit; it’s the Pantone Color of the Year! The 2011 color of the year, Honeysuckle, inspired us to face the day with verve and vigor. Tangerine Tango is a vibrant orange that keeps the energy pumping with the boost we need to recharge and move forward. Tangerine has made its way in to our makeup bags, our closets and our hearts. From lips to cheeks and a bold pop of color for your eyes and nails, tangerine is a versatile hue that kicks up the volume on your summer makeup routine. Check out these fresh squeezed picks!


Let's start with lips. Some like it bold and can pull off a full-coverage satin or matte finish. Others might veer more toward the subtle. We suggest rubbing a little of the color into lips as a stain and then applying a coat of clear gloss to give it a watery translucent look.

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Give yourself a fresh start in the morning by applying this instant skin brightener! Tangerine can help you look bright and awake no matter how early your wake-up call is! (Coffee helps too!) For lighter skin, load a little translucent powder on your brush before dipping into the blush. This will sheer out the intensity for easier application without changing its succulent color.

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Let’s not forget the eyes. Incorporating such a bright color into eye makeup might be intimidating but not to worry, there's no need to go all out (unless you feel daring). Use this vibrant shadow as a wash of color on your lid for your first step of eye makeup application. By the time you've added contour, liner and mascara, the color becomes a subtle accent.

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The party's not over yet! Nails are the ultimate accessory and just waiting for a burst of vivid color.

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