Swimming in Science: Meet Marine-based RejuvaSea Skincare

Diving in face first to the high-tech, marine-based RejuvaSea skincare line. I am so not a fan of the term “anti-aging” skincare. I get the message but seriously, we are all aging. Right this minute. You, me and every living soul on this planet is getting older. Why fight it? Aging has its benefits: wisdom, […]

Carol’s Daughter Freebie Weekend

Carol's Daughter Free Gift

Have we mentioned that we love Carol's Daughter hair, skin and body line? Well if we haven't, we do. The entire product line has a fresh-out-of-the-oven hominess mixed with tried-and-true effectiveness that's spiked with ingenuity and love. And this weekend only, they're sending the love back our way with a free gift with purchase Dream Weekend! This […]

Carol’s Daughter Post-Holiday Sale – Up to 40% Off!

Carol's Daughter Post-Holiday Sale

Stock up with up to 40% off everything at Carol’s Daughter! What’s good enough for the fearless and soulful Mary J. Blige is good enough for us, especially when it’s discounted by up to 40%. For a limited time, stock up on Carol’s Daughter mmm-goodness with an after-Christmas sale of sweet proportions. Exalted by Blige […]

LATHER Perfect Canvas Face Kit: Prep Like a Star

Lather Perfect Canvas Kit

Great makeup starts with great skin. That’s why makeup artists from the sets of “Dancing with the Stars,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Community” turn to LATHER to keep stars’ skin in shape. Now you can primp like a celeb with the LATHER Perfect Canvas Face Kit – a collection of travel-sized favorites hand-selected by Hollywood […]

Beauty March Wrap-up: Lush Freshmade Cosmetics

No, I don’t work for Lush. Although at this point, I should … I could … I practicality do. As a devoted Lushie, I certainly couldn’t get through a week of natural, earth-loving product features without giving due praise to Lush. If you still haven’t tried their freshmade cosmetics, here are my suggestions of where […]

Beauty March Day Four: Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic

Don’t look now but that lady is following us. We’ve seen her at the mall, our local coffee haunt, in line at the grocery store. She’s dressed to the nines (in her mind anyway). She carries the loudest designer knockoff handbag. She leaves a trail of Channel No. 3.5 in her wake. And her feet […]

Beauty March Hump Day: Nature Girl

nature girl

Last Saturday morning, I plodded over to the front window of my house and yanked open the shade. “Good Gravy, ” I gurgled to myself, spilling coffee down my Vickie’s Pink PJs. About 12 feet in front of me, sauntering across the street was a huge bobcat. He had the telltale pointed ears and stumpy […]

Day One in Our Earth Day March: Pangea Organics


Back in the dark ages when I was an naive English major at N.C. State University, Ralph Nader came to our campus and gave a rousing speech to kick off an Earth Day celebration. After which, me, my sprightly Jack Russell Terrier, George, and a cluster of my hippie friends marched from our campus to […]

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