Treat Your Feet: Geluxury Slippers

geluxury slippers

It’s a perfectly dreary Sunday. When you live in the perpetually sunny Phoenix area with a summer of endlessly sweltering days just months away, you revel in days like this. Today was made for slapping on a facial mask (check!), tuning in to a chick flick and staying in your PJs and slippers past noon. […]

DIY Made Easy: Handmade Beauty Box

handmade beauty box

I’ve been noticing a trend lately. Or maybe it’s been around a while and I’ve just been completely oblivious (no surprise there). Either way, I’ve noticed new do-it-yourself kits popping up everywhere that have everything you need—including detailed instructions—to suddenly be crafty. Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body. Take the Martha […]

Black Friday Beauty 2014: Get Ready, Get Set!


Too early to be thinking about Black Friday? Girlfriends, please. Do you not adore squirreling away your beauty faves at slashed prices? Averting last-minute gift shopping panic? And snagging free samples and a tote bag or three? Then, the answer: uh, no. Time to start jotting down your list and warming up your fingers for […]

Pick of the Pumpkin Beauty Patch

pumpkin beauty

Six pumpkin beauty picks that celebrate the season. The darling of holiday desserts and seasonal dishes, pumpkins are also a celebrated beauty elixir. The good gourd has a high content of vitamin A and beta carotene, two potent antioxidants. The fleshy pulp of the pumpkin contains an enzyme that lifts dead skin skin cells while […]

Summer Skin Survival: 4 Things You Need

Save your skin and soothe your spirit with these summer skincare picks. Oh gourd, another summer of sweaty britches, patchy itches and precipitous breakouts. Gear up girlfriends! It’s going to be a long, hot summer and your best defense is an arsenal of soothing salves. From scalp to tootsies, we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need […]

Blah to Tada: Your Head-to-Toe Beach Beauty Transformation

beach beauty

Every two to four weeks, the Western Banded Geckos of the desert Southwest shed their skin. These sprightly desert dwellers are nocturnal so despite the tan pigment of their supple surface, they hide out under rocks during the day, not daring to let in a slender toe taste direct sunlight. Seems we could learn a […]

Yuzen Box: Inspiring Moments of Zen

Yuzen Boxes filled with luxurious items cultivate serene and euphoric experiences inspiring zenful and beautiful living. Everyone needs their happy place — that dreamy destination insulated from cubicles, screaming toddlers or bank statements. It’s a faraway tranquil sanctuary thousands of miles away from life’s everyday monotony and hardships. I find repose in Maui’s breathtaking beaches […]

LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm: Headaches Be Gone!

Lather Clear Head Balancing Balm

Work deadlines, long commutes, tighter budgets…these are all factors that can contribute to headaches and strain. But how to get rid of the mind-numbing pain? We love the new LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm. It’s an all-natural salve that helps ease tension and pressure while promoting balance and well-being. A mini-spa for the mind, LATHER […]

Spa Sonic Skin Care System: The Other Skin Scrubber

Spa Sonic Skin Care System

When it comes to skincare, if it’s complicated, you’re going to lose my interest … Fast! While I totally value the importance of proper skincare, I’ve got things to do. Oh, and did I mention that I have five-month-old? Give me something easy, inexpensive and effective and you’ve got me for life. Enter the Spa Sonic […]

Really (Really!) Last-Minute Drugstore Gifts

It happens every year. You’re invited to a last-minute fete or you worse, you completely forgot someone on your list. You can’t show up to a party empty-handed and you certainly wouldn’t want anybody knowing you forgot them. Thank heavens for drugstores! The aisles of your local CVS or Walgreens are crammed with cute, inexpensive […]

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